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The Journey

Here at Wellness Lane, things have been evolving for many months. Through some pretty huge life changes, I realised how much of myself I no longer honoured: either through lack of sleep, physical health or on a spiritual level.
Standing at the kitchen sink doing the dishes late one night, seeing my exhausted reflection in the darkened window, I had an overwhelming urge to help others return to themselves, especially mamas who so often put everyone else first. It's our nature. But we matter. You matter. 
We handmake ethically and consciously: thought has gone into ingredients used (and those intentionally not used such as palm oil), recycled and/or recyclable packaging, and the businesses we support purchasing those items.

Our indulgent products are designed to be your tools, your excuse if that's what you need, to take a few moments, even just the length of a shower, to stop, breathe and return to yourself.