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Welcome to Wellness Lane

Here you'll find blissful products from a mama who loves her little boy so much, all the much as he says, whilst wishing sometimes for just a moment's peace. It’s natural. We’re not meant to be switched on 24/7.

When you feel replenished, recharged, empowered and appreciate yourself. When you feel your cup is no longer empty. When you feel the sun on your face and stop for a blissful moment to soak it in because you can. Then you've taken the journey I wished for you, a journey with Wellness Lane.

Featured Collection: Shower Steamers

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Take the time to fill your cup with love and peace. Then, you’ll be able to pour it into others. This is not selfish. This is necessary.

- Positively Panicked

Shower Steamers are a lovely addition making an ordinary shower into a wonderful aromatic indulgence.

Stephanie M

My shower steamers smell AMAZING in my bathroom. I can't wait to use one!

Lora C

If anyone is suffering from a bit of anxiety I honestly couldn’t recommend these products more.

Brittany M

I love these. In a world where we don't often take much time for ourselves, the feelings of luxury and indulgence radiate with these simple but heavenly steamers.

Pam H

Where else to find us

Whether you want to see us in real life or a virtual market, you can find us at the following events/suppliers:

21-Nov: Handmade Canberra virtual market (online)

28-Nov: Handmade Canberra virtual market (online)